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Magic is not about tricking people. It's a performance art that also helps develop the discipline of practice, public speaking, and social skills. Entertaining family and friends was my hobby growing up, and it played a big role in boosting my confidence. As an introvert, it also helped me connect with others. 



I'm the oldest of six, and we were all homeschooled. My mom had her hands full.

Now I'm a professional magician! I'm also married to my beautiful wife Amanda, and we have a handsome 6-month old named Caleb (or as some call him, Baby Magic).

As a new dad, I've been thinking more about my childhood. Growing up, we obviously didn't have hundreds of friends on social networks, or pages of apps on tablets. In fact, I didn't even get my first phone until college! But technology can be addicting, and at any given time of the day, most kids are staring at screens. This lifestyle can lead to kids have low attention spans, feeling bored, or even worse... entitled. 

I decided to be part of the change - to remind families how much fun it is to wonder, discover, and play! 

In September we launched a new Magic School Kit! It includes an app too!

Our mission is to use interactive technology and magic to inspire confidence and encourage real social experiences.

I created a special discount just for homeschool parents. You can
 enter promo code HOMESCHOOL to get a 10% discount on your Johnny Magic School Kit. We ship free too! 

Johnny Magic Classic Kit features:

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