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Whenever someone finds out I’m a magician, their eyes light up.

Magic makes people smile.

In fact, one of my favorite moments after a show was when a woman announced, “My cheeks hurt from smiling so much!”

I remember this one time when a parent handed me a coin and simply said, "Make my smile." I made the coin vanish. His boyish grin was priceless.

Magic is also contagious.

Days, even weeks after I perform, parents tell me their kids have been reading about magic and practicing tricks. They want to be magicians. 

I know the feeling. 

I remember being so excited after watching my first magic show as a kid. Seeing someone do the impossible was amazing. How did he do that!?

When I was eight years old, I started checking out magic books at the library. My mom also helped me sign up for a magic club so I could get a free magic store catalogue. I looked over every page repeatedly, circling the tricks I wanted as gifts for my birthday and Christmas.

One summer my family visited a theme park and there was a magician performing a show every hour. I sat and watched him do the same show over and over the entire afternoon. Now some people might re-watch magic in hopes of discovering the secret. Not me. I loved sitting with each new audience and seeing their reactions to the surprises. It was an atmosphere of laughter, fun and astonishment. I knew I wanted to give others that same feeling.  

My parents encouraged and supported my enthusiasm, especially my dad, because he loves the stage. He enjoys producing plays, hosting events and organizing talent shows. He also loves being fun clown characters for various summer camps and special events. I helped him too, and those experiences strengthened my comfort and confidence for being in front of people. 

I performed magic whenever I could. At first my audience was my family, friends, and neighbors. Then I started charging to perform for birthday parties and small events. During college, magic helped me earn side income that helped cover costs for books, and also purchase new props. 

What started as a childhood phase eventually became my profession.

I now have the privilege of creating contagious joy and wonder by performing magic around the world. Hawaii, Japan, China, Mexico, the Dominican Republic. No matter where I go, everyone loves magic.