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I'm about to amaze you

"I'm about to amaze you." 

What is it about that phrase that makes your heart beat faster? What causes you to lean in on the edge of your seat and not blink? It's a moment of anticipating the impossible.

We all have a longing to be amazed and connected. To be part of something bigger than ourselves. Magic gives you the feeling of wonder. It opens up your imagination to see more than you thought was possible.

After you experience awe, you are more open to giving and receiving. You’re more likely to see the best in others. You are also empowered to question your own limitations and push through fear. 

Magic is a source of encouragement and hope. It's a break from structure, plans and predictability. Magic holds the power to encourage what we some times devalue: the discovery and joy of being in the moment. Those feelings promote a better work place, a happier home environment, and life of fun.